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Dek-dek / Dic

P.R.O.:  Arts& Props
Artist: Memoirs’ 92
Member: Societa deli Allegria

"If you try to improve a person by being a good example, you’re improving, too. If you try to improve someone without being a good example, you won’t improve anybody.."
     As his name implies, Dek-dek is true to form, the field of art. He maybe a rather shy guy but goes all the way once given a little push. Oftentimes, he needs people to build up his confidence but he always does his job wholeheartedly and never fails to come up with something worthwhile. With his artistic ability, who knows? Dek-dek may become one of the world’s greatest artists. The probability is definitely not zero. We wish you all the luck, Dek-dek!  

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