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Give way!  Here comes the best class ever assembled in history… CLASS 450!  A group of irksome yet intelligent students, Class 450 can aptly be termed as the “worst” class, too.  Where else can you find guys posing as human walls for posters and stickers?  Or where else can you find students fooling around with their teachers?  


If you say they’re all around, look again!

Brains, looks, guts….name it.  We’ve got it all.  We practically dominate all offices in the school…the student Council, clubs and organizations, even extra curricular activities.  Not only that , we are also into several projects and contests.  And to prove once and for all that we’re the best, take a good look at the Honor Roll, please.

Ranging from the “gimmick” guys to the “blow” boys, the nerd types to the socialites, the soiree fanatics and the workaholics, plus an instructor as “kalog” as the class, it is unimaginable how different characteristics and ideologies could blend to form one SUPREME section.  With our unparalleled and unprecedented wit, resourcefulness, and cooperation, we can proudly say that we are truly one of a kind.

Cheers for the cream of the crop!  Class 450! (Wanna bet?)  Give way!