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People say that oil and water don’t mix.  Well, try again because here’s Class 440 to prove the cliché wrong.  We’ve got 45 handsome (???) guys with the most extreme ideals, ambitions, backgrounds, social status, and personalities.  Now, isn’t that something?  


During ordinary class days, you’ll probably mistake our classroom for a mini-zoo of some sorts.  We pride ourselves with a wide array of faunas…from vertebrates to invertebrates…what with monkeys, cobras, Bigfoots and, would you believe, cockroaches to vaunt.  So, if you happen to hear an orchestra of weird valley-yaks and a symphony of shrill animal sounds…your guess is right, it’s Class 440.

But mind you, despite our idiosyncrasies, our class can give other classes a run for their money when it comes to athletics and other contests.  And when we give all our best, we’re really far ahead.

Most of all, we also have the greatest unity and this is one of the reason why Class 440 is the class with the “moistest!”.