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Class 430-Industrial Drafting will surely be remembered as the special class of Batch ’92.  Aside from having the least number of students in a class, which is only 34, there is really more to Class 430 than meets the eye.  


Take a closer look and you’ll realize that this bunch of guys have really many things to offer.  We may not be the most academically inclined, the most physically fit, the most socially acceptable group, but we do possess a lot of hidden talents just waiting to be tapped.  

We excel in the field of arts and design.  As a proof, most of us are members of Arts and Props, a club in-charge of stage backgrounds during programs and gym masses.  So, to all of you guys out there…if you have problems with your designs, feel free to contact any one of us and you’ll know that we’re neither bluffing nor boasting.

Another secret of Class 430 is friendship.  We may have petty squabbles, but we’re always ready to lower our pride and apologize or accept the other’s apology.  Still another admirable trait of ours is our ability to laugh even though we are faced with insurmountable trials.  We’re also proud to say that we’re loving and caring people.

Above all, we would like to let everybody know that we are HANDSOME GUYS, as well.  As we always say…“We’re LEAN, we’re MEAN, the DRAFTING MACHINE.”