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Electronics Communications Engineering

What?  Youth gone wild?  That’s Class 420-ELECTRONICS, the section that wears the color green, but we’re not really green…

Unpredictable and articulate, it is the class to beat… This class is full of “celebrities”… Promising young students brimming with different kinds of talents… Full of gimmicks and oozing with radiant energy… 

This class is also the home of visible leaders in the fourth year.  This class maybe young and talented but it is here where you can find all types of crazy people from the Students Council president and Student Council secretary to the class officers don to the last person in class.  

Our motto: You’re not worthy of being in Class 420 if you aren’t crazy.  With this, Class 420 is considered as one of the noisiest sections (next only to the Muntinlupa jailhouse).  

But Class 420 can also be serious and quiet (reflecting mood), especially in times of difficulties and prayer.