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Electronics Communications Engineering

It is rather amazing how such a fine group of young men could all be in just one section.  Brains, talents, good looks…all rolled into one.  You got it right, dudes…it’s Class 410!

Though dubbed as “The Most Talkative Class of Batch ’92,” Class 410 has proved to be one of the most outstanding groups of students.  In whatever aspect it may be…academic, technical, sports, or mere foolishness…this section has made a name for itself.  Not only that every student in this class has his own uniqueness… and we are proud of that.

Two years of togetherness molded these 410 guys into firm and strong individuals who can bravely face and endure any hardship in life.  No doubt, teachers would say it’s the hardest class to handle.  But after every conflict came a change, a new understanding, and a better relationship.

It’s true that no one knows what lies ahead of these promising young men, but one thing is for sure…as they reach the pinnacle of success, they’ll always look back to their unforgettable days in Don Bosco.