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She started her first record on her 25th birthday.  Her debut self-titled album was released in 1988. The song "Happy Ever After" was number 1 in Japan like forever.

Julia, who now lives in Santa Monica, Calif., then went on to record five more albums with Virgin Records "Porcelain," considered to be her masterpiece album and her finest work, released in 1988, the album Porcelain led a music critic John Everson to write Julia as an artist of rare depth, emotion and romance.  The album Swept," followed in 1991.  In 1994, Julia collaborated with Larry Klein to produce "Falling Forward." In 1997 the album "East, West" was released in collaboration with Michael Brook.  Her last album with Virgin Records was  "The Julia Fordham Collection (a compilation of her songs and a couple of new tracks)."